By Industry


We have developed and implemented in-hospital distribution and electronic medical chart systems at both small hospitals and large hospitals with 300 or more beds. With regards to in-hospital distribution, our TrioBuppin package offers a way to manage medical supplies and medicines as well as appropriate management of advanced medical equipment, which is essential for protecting the lives of patients. Its usefulness does not stop with inventory management, as it can also be used as a system that plays a role in analyzing hospital management. Our hospital information system supports a wide range of information, including electronic medical charts, clinical tests and long-term care insurance. We propose optimal, high-quality systems based on our extensive track record, knowledge, expertise and new ideas.


It has become a common desire to have applications developed that make operations easier based on the need for high quality and to increase cost performance. In order to respond to such needs, we have established a new operations outsourcing team. This team is currently involved in outsourcing services related to operations, development and migration of core systems (including multi-vendor systems) for banks and other such undertakings. We train our human resources to be able to respond professionally, such as requiring all persons in charge to obtain ITIL(*11) certification, so that we can provide high-quality operations services. Our team also proposes original plans that include automating the front lines of operations and reducing costs.

State-controlled Games (Totalizator)

A totalizator system is an integrated system that handles everything in state-controlled games (horse racing, keirin, boat racing and auto racing), from betting ticket sales to display and calculation of odds, payout calculation and refunds. It requires the provision of high-quality services. Trio System Plans has earned great trust and confidence through the development and building of various systems for state-controlled games like horse racing and keirin and, in recent years, by providing high-quality systems through the development of applications that support new styles of competition and betting, such as online betting and multiple-win betting

Municipalities and Public Services

When it comes to public services, various systems are used in all kinds of departments, from ministries and agencies to municipalities and including various industries like electricity and gas. For example, a system related to taxes cannot be put together without extensive knowledge pertaining to taxes. Not only are knowledge and technical capabilities related to ICT required but also deep knowledge concerning the relevant operations. Trio System Plans has built a track record implementing mission-critical systems for local authorities. In the future, we will also be involved with implementing cloud-based solutions for municipalities and will provide support for promotion of municipal management reforms and the realization of attractive communities in which local residents can truly experience fulfilling lives.


We have long been in charge of various manufacturing tasks like production control and sales and distribution management for automobile dealers and parts distributors. In the case of the automobile industry, quality and delivery requirements are particularly demanding. Further streamlining of systems, tasks, management of options, etc. is required in order to respond to customer demands. Trio System Plans has a solid track record of providing distributor systems, export management and sourcing systems, etc. for automobile dealers. More recently, we have been focusing attention on new fields like system architecture in development environments using IC card-based login control and smartphones while contributing to the overall automobile industry based on the trust we have earned with our high technical capabilities and established track record.


Distribution refers to the entire process of delivering products made by manufacturers to the consumer, and in the broad sense, it includes both trading companies (wholesalers) and retailers. There are a wide range of functions involved in retail and wholesale, and when it comes to distribution, the content of the work and the corporate climate varies greatly between retailers and wholesalers. Trio System Plans works with clients in a broad spectrum of industries, from convenience stores, specialty shops and restaurants to wholesalers, distributors and hotels. We meet the needs of many customers, from small and medium-sized enterprises to major companies, handling everything from core services like order placement/purchasing, order acceptance/sales, inventory management and debt/credit management to peripheral services. We supply systems that offer maximal quality, cost performance, turnaround and security (QCDS) to solve various problems faced by our customers based on the operational know-how we have cultivated since our establishment.