Specific Solutions

Operational Solutions


Hospital Distribution Solutions

TrioBuppin and TrioBuppin☆Light(*1) are proprietary medical services solutions developed by Trio System Plans.


TrioBuppin is our package developed for medium- to large-sized hospitals. It consists primarily of an in-hospital distribution system and an ME equipment management system.

-In-hospital distribution system

This system handles everything from standalone operations limited to storeroom inventory control to hospital-wide inventory control linked with electronic medical charts. Information collected on drug and material costs is reformatted and delivered in a format that can be utilized for analysis. This means the system can play a role in streamlining hospital management rather than being limited to simple inventory control. To date, more than 70 hospitals have implemented the system, primarily university and national hospitals (as of October 2011).

-ME equipment management system

This system handles management of location information on ME (Medical Engineering) equipment and inspection/repair records. To date, more than 15 hospitals have implemented the system, primarily university and national hospitals (as of October 2011).


TrioBuppin☆Light is our package developed for small medical corporations and drugstores. It enables basic goods management and was designed with inventory and purchasing departments in mind.

Our TrioBuppin package supports management of drugs and materials/ME equipment within the hospital according to the hospital's characteristics, operations and scope of implementation. At the same time, we provide comprehensive services based on our extensive track record, from consulting to customization based on the hospital's needs, system implementation and after-sales follow-up.

Electronic Medical Chart Solution

Based on the know-how we have cultivated from our experience and track record, which has enabled us to capture the No.1 share (*2) in the domestic electronic medical chart industry, we develop and implement our HOPE series (*3) of cutting-edge electronic medical chart systems. Specifically, we implement our HOPE/EGMAIN-GX (*4) electronic medical chart (prescriptions, treatments, injections, etc.), HOPE/LAINS-PC (*5) clinical test (specimens, bacteria, etc.), HOPE/PDSide (*6) hospital distribution and HOPE/Wincare (*7) long-term care insurance solutions. In addition to the above, we have also earned high marks for our implementation of meal management, dental and medical check-up solutions.

Sales Management Solution for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

With regards to development of sales management systems for small and medium-sized enterprises, we have put a great deal of effort into our GLOVIA Smart Sales FMMAX (*8) solution ("FMMAX") to meet the needs of various customers. FMMAX is a custom sales management system. With respect to core tasks such as order placement/purchasing, order acceptance/sales, inventory control and debt/credit management, we can deliver a sales management system tailored to your needs based on templates customized for your industry or business even if you have a unique business/trade format or procedural flow that existing software packages cannot support. Using the latest ICT, we can provide a highly tailored solution. Additionally, our solutions are low-cost and feature a quick turnaround thanks to our customizable templates. We provide comprehensive services, from proposal to implementation and maintenance based on our extensive track record of implementation at small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily in the Tokai and Tokyo metropolitan areas, and have done so for more than 40 companies.

Resident Information/Long-term Care Insurance Solution

We provide total support to local authorities for the implementation of mission-critical systems, which includes operation/maintenance and equipment setup. In particular, our Acrocity (*9) resident information system and MCWEL (*10) long-term care insurance system have been implemented by more than 10 local authorities. We provide flexible, meticulous service not only for initial system introduction but also for the system revisions that occur almost on a yearly basis. We deliver high-quality systems that meet our customers' expectations based on the know-how we have cultivated through the above work.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure refers to the design and development of the base hardware configuration, network and database required to make the system operational. We provide services for large-scale systems to customers in a wide range of industries, from the financial industry (banking, insurance and leasing) to government offices and the service industry. On the technical side, we specialize in building servers, application runtime systems and virtual environments using Open Source Software and in networks on Unix-based OS's. In the future we will work on supporting network virtualization, next-generation Internet protocol (IPv6: Internet Protocol ver. 6) and hybridization of existing and cloud-based systems.

Cloud Solutions

Salesforce.com Implementation Support Service

We support implementation of Salesforce.com (*12), an SaaS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service application that provides services via the Internet for CRM systems used to manage customers and business talks in sales activities and predict sales. Salesforce.com implementation (consulting) partners can offer implementation, integration and custom application services that utilize the latest cloud computing technology. We have 38 certified partners (as of December 2011) who are ready to provide CRM and performance management systems at a low price.

INTARFRM Development Service

We help grow your software assets and contribute to the strengthening of your business by utilizing Fujitsu's cloud-based INTARFRM (*13) product, which is offers a consistent system development framework for software's entire life cycle (requirements definition, design, development, operation and maintenance). We are actively engaged in human resource development with respect to the Java language in particular as we work to enhance our Java developer team and achieve quick delivery, high quality and high productivity in our development of large-scale systems.

Windows Azure Implementation Service

We pair Microsoft's cloud operating system with your existing ICT assets to create possibilities for new solutions while addressing diverse needs at a low cost, whether your company is an enterprise or venture business. Combining various services offered on the Windows Azure Platform, we respond quickly to changes in your business needs. We will move forward on the Windows Azure Platform, leveraging the various Microsoft.NET Framework applications we have developed to date.

*1. TrioBuppin: The TrioBuppin series is a Trio System Plans package. TrioBuppin is a registered trademark of Trio System Plans Co., Ltd. *2. Reference: "Electronic Medical Chart & PACS White Paper 2007-2008" by ME Promotion Association *3. The HOPE series is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *4. HOPE/EGMAIN-GX is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *5. HOPE/LAINS-PC is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *6. HOPE/PDSide is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *7. HOPE/Wincare is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *8. GLOVIA smart Sales FMMAX: The GLOVIA smart series is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *9. Acrocity is a trademark or registered trademark of Gcom Holdings Co., Ltd. *10. MCWEL is a Fujitsu package. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. *11. ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a collection of best practices in IT service management *12. Salesforce.com: A cloud-based business application provided by Salesforce.com, Inc. *12. INTARFRM: Fujitsu Integrated Application Framework. INTARFRM is a framework developed by Fujitsu Ltd. Registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd.