Personal Information Principles

Trio System Plans Co., Ltd.
Michiomi Kinoshita, President

Trio System Plans Co., Ltd. affirms that the ultimate focus of the information services we provide is people. Our basic policy is to provide warm, people-friendly information services. As such, we organically and efficiently fuse together the three elements of hardware, software and human touch, or human-ware, through our resourcefulness and technology as we seek to be a company that contributes to the creation of an affluent, advanced information-oriented society.
We fully recognize that continually ensuring the safety of personal information while properly using such information for the provision of information services via an advanced, complex IT infrastructure is a social responsibility of our company as we aim to provide people with optimal information services. With protecting individual rights as our top priority, we establish trust with our customers and provide information services they can use with peace of mind by implementing optimal information security measures for personal information based on observance of social norms concerning such information.

A specific effort we have engaged in toward that end is the development of a management system for the protection of personal information aimed at achieving the objective of our basic policy on the protection of personal information outlined below. We hereby declare that we will instill the policy in our directors and all employees and come together as a company in efforts to maintain and promote it.

Basic Policy

We will observe laws regarding the handling of personal information, JIS (JISQ 15001) guideline on requirements related to management systems for protection of personal information, and other national guidelines, as well as other related rules such as guidelines of local authorities and industry organizations.

We have established optimal and appropriate rules for handling of personal information and have made them into internal regulations with full understanding and recognition of how the personal information made available to our businesses is handled, taking stock of the contents of agreements with customers and their requirements, and we will observe these internal regulations in the collection, use, provision, etc. of personal information.

We have stipulated within internal regulations that we will not use or provide personal information to third parties outside the scope of the specified purpose of use. We will deter use outside the intended purpose by clarifying the procedures for use of personal information and will prevent incidents by engaging in such efforts as thorough management of access privileges.

Recognizing and analyzing the risk of leaks, loss or manipulation of personal information, we have formulated measures to prevent and correct such things in order to take appropriate steps according to the importance of personal information. Additionally, by reflecting these measures in internal regulations, we have clearly specified the measures to be implemented and given them shape.

We fully respect the rights of the individual with respect to their personal information. We have established and opened a point of contact to handle complaints, inquiries and requests for the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, etc. of personal information and will respond promptly, efficiently and safely.

In order to achieve optimal protection of personal information, including the items above, we will maintain, promote and review our management system for the protection of personal information on an ongoing basis and will make improvements as necessary.

Enacted on May 1, 2005
Revised on November 1, 2006

Privacy Mark Certification

Trio System Plans Co., Ltd. has always recognized the importance of protecting personal information and has worked to protect our customers' information, but as part of our efforts to strengthen that protection, we have acquired Privacy Mark certification.
As a certified company, we will continue to deepen our commitment to the protection of personal information as we go about our business so that our customers can entrust us with their personal information with peace of mind.